Real trees help make Christmas complete

Becky Cook / for Farm & Ranch
Jon Wheeler took his kids out to look for the perfect Christmas tree out at Thomas Black's tree farm in Hibbard. The kids really enjoyed the sunshine and eventually they found the perfect tree.

For many families, Christmas isn’t complete unless they have the opportunity to go out in the fresh air to find the perfect tree.

Take care when cleaning your syringes

Courtesy of Heather Smith Thomas
After rinsing thoroughly, use boiled distilled water and draw it up into the syringe, then squirt it back out.

BBeef Quality Assurance guidelines stress the use of clean syringes and needles for any livestock injection, to minimize the risk of contamination or infection at the injection site.

Researchers seek super spuds amid new strains

Moscow-Pullman Daily News
Washington State University scientist Mark Pavek and two Tri-State potato research colleagues check out new potato varieties in a WSU research field.

MOSCOW — A program that teamed up three universities and three agricultural commissions in 1984 has recently experienced its fourth great success with a newly bred potato that seems to be superior in numerous ways to the old gold standard.


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