Herding dog killed by wolves near Boise


A dog that was herding sheep in the Upper Hulls Gulch area of the Boise Foothills was killed by a wolf earlier this month, a Wilder rancher has reported. The kill was confirmed by wildlife officials, according to the Idaho Range- land Resources Commission.

The border collie, owned by Frank Shirts, was killed May 8, according to Todd Grimm, state director of USDA Wildlife Services. The sheep were being herded to the Boise National Forest for the summer.

The attack occurred close to the tree line.

“People who are hiking up there need to keep their dogs close. Wolves and dogs don’t get along,” Grimm said.

Investigators determined that the dog died from a wolf attack by examining the trauma and teeth marks on the dog’s skin.

Wildlife Services officials have used helicopters to search for wolves in the area where the dog was killed, but have not found any. They believe there are individual wolves — not a pack — roaming the area at this time.

But herders have reported hearing several wolves howling at night. They’ve seen at least four wolves and pups.

The wolves have tried to come into the band of sheep in the early-morning hours, herders have reported. They have been firing off their rifles in an attempt to keep the wolves at bay.

This is the first kill by wolves in the Boise Foothills since 2010, when 11 sheep were killed.

The dog that was killed, named Teson, was valued at $500. Two border collies herd each band of sheep. Another dog is now working the herd.