Holstein heifer rounds out 4-H’ers fair entries

Tyler Glick practices setting up his Holstein heifer using his feet, like he will do when he shows her at the Eastern Idaho State Fair in Blackfoot that opens Saturday. Tyler has raised numerous 4-H animals to show in the Bonneville County 4-H Fair, but this is the first time he has raised a Holstein.

Tucker Glick tackled raising a Holstein heifer in 4-H for the first time this summer and has advanced to the Eastern Idaho State Fair.

Next year, when Tucker raises a market animal beef, he will have raised every kind of animal in 4-H.

But his involvement doesn’t mean he envisions a career in agriculture. He simply enjoys working with livestock.

“It’s just fun and very different and a challenge, too,” he said.

The 14-year-old raised two Yorkshire market animal pigs, a Suffolk market animal sheep, three Nubian dairy goats and three Boer market animal goats, as well as his Holstein breeding heifer, for the Bonneville County 4-H Fair this year. His Holstein was the only animal that advanced to the state fair, although his animals have advanced often in previous years.

“I’ve won lots of blue ribbons,” he said.

Tucker credits much of his success to his mom, Sherry, who got him involved in 4-H classes. She also found the 3-month-old heifer in January on Craigslist for a bargain. He also credits his dad, Jay, who helped him find the best feed for his heifer. Tucker and his dad visited extensively with the owners of the Firth Mill and Elevator in Firth, Howards, a feed store in Shelley and Mackay Livestock Supply in Idaho Falls in order to formulate the heifer’s feed.

All the research paid off. They estimate the heifer now weighs between 700 and 800 pounds.

“She was just skin and bones when Tucker got her,” Jay Glick said. “You could count every one of her ribs. Tucker feeds her good quality alfalfa, grain and mineral.”

Tucker also credits his parents for helping him to take advantage of all that 4-H has to offer.

“We let him test the waters in everything,” his dad said.

Tucker anticipates reaching another 4-H milestone next summer.

“I’m really close to getting an Agriculturalist Award and a gold seal,” he said.

Tucker plans to keep his heifer over the winter and enter her in the county fair again next year in a breeding category.