4-H Stars: Time in the saddle

Kaytlyn Duffin

Kaytlyn Duffin is in 4-H in two counties, and she rides in the Jefferson County Junior Posse, too.

Kaytlyn, 13, was reserve champion in showmanship and in the market class with her Suffolk sheep in the 2017 Jefferson County 4-H fair and fifth in the round-robin class.

She belongs to the Bonneville County Coltman Wranglers 4-H Club led by Stan Brighton and last year, she went to the Eastern Idaho State Fair in the trail class on her horse named Apache. This year, she went to the state fair on Star Snips in Western equitation and in the intermediate trail class.

She said she often rides up to 12 hours a week and the extra time in the saddle has paid off.

“Sometimes I ride every single day. I just like the thrill of riding horses and hanging out with them,” Kaytlyn said, and her mom, Krishele, added, “It definitely keeps them off their devices.”

The family has moved around a little but dad Jason Duffin grew up in Idaho where he rode horses as a youngster. The Duffins, of Rigby helped Kaytlyn when she decided to take up horseback riding.

“If I taught her anything, it was probably the wrong thing,” Jason Duffin said. “Her leader, Stan Brighton, and reining trainer, Annalee Brighton, have been awesome.”

Stan Brighton’s nephew, Thomas Brighton, and wife, Annalee Brighton, are reining trainers and managers of the Wind River Arena and Stables in Ririe. Stan and Annalee Brighton helped Kaytlyn’s horse overcome being uncomfortable away from the herd.

“We worked her harder near the herd and let her rest away from the herd,” Kaytlyn said. “Now she doesn’t always want to be with the herd. Stan and Annalee are the best.”

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