Future Farmer: Off to the convention

Ellee Shifflett

Ellee Shifflett is experiencing several new things for the first time.

This week she is at the National FFA convention in Indianapolis.

Along with her sister, Ivy, 14, and mom, Susie Shifflett, they flew there, making it the girls’ first plane ride.

Ellee and Amy are members of the first Clark County FFA chapter begun last semester at the Clark County Junior & Senior High School in Dubois. This semester, they take ag classes which are being offered for the first time.

“We’ve never had ag classes here, so it’s been fun to learn more about agriculture,” she said.

Ellee, 13, said before she left, she was looking forward to the convention and the flight.

“I think it’s going to be really fun,” she said. “I have never flown on a plane before, so, I’m really excited.”

Ellee helps out on the ranch where her parents, Dusty and Susie Shifflett, raise longhorn steers.

“My sister Ivy and I feed and water and grain the cattle and horses,” Ellee said. “I like to ride horses, train them and care for them,” she said.

Horses have always been part of the family since Ellee was small. Ellee rides horses as much as she can, and likes riding with her grandfather, Dean Shenton.

“My mom grew up a few miles from where we live now and she always had horses,” Ellee said. “My dad has Shire draft horses and we use them to feed in the winter. We drive the quarter horses too.”

Ellee plays volleyball on the school team. Before the season ended in early October, they won three out of four tournaments. Right now, she’s considering a career in nursing.

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