Future Farmer: Ag classes thrill her

Ivy Shifflett

Agriculture interests Ivy Shifflett, so when an FFA chapter was formed and a new ag curriculum was started, she enrolled in both.

Ivy, 14, is a freshman at Clark County Junior & Senior High School in Dubois.

“I was really excited when we got an FFA chapter. We’ve never had one before. It’s so cool to finally have one,” she said.

She’s preparing for an FFA creed speaking competition at North Fremont High School in early December. It’s her first time in a competition with other FFA chapters.

“I’m nervous because I don’t like talking in front of others,” she said.

She went to her very first FFA convention in late October with seven other FFA chapter members.

Ivy’s enrolled in as many ag classes as she can fit in her schedule.

“I really like agriculture. I’m really interested in the classes, and I’m trying to make the most of them,” she said.

One day Ivy would like to be an elementary school teacher in a small community like Dubois.

“I know everyone and am friends with everyone,” she said. “Dubois is a very warm community.”

She also likes to ride horses with her parents, Dusty and Susie Shifflett, and sister, Ellee, at their ranch outside of town. The family raises some longhorn/Corriente-cross cattle, and they all spend time roping together.

“My mom roped in college and my dad team ropes,” she said. “Ellee and I are responsible for feeding the animals including some draft horses that we feed the cattle with in the winter.”

Her other favorite thing to do is visit her grandparents, who live in Idaho Falls.

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