4-H Stars: Inspiring other 4-H’ers

Kenna Perez

Kenna Perez achieved the Bonneville County 4-H Agriculturist Award last year, is inspiring others to making the award their goal, is involved in 4-H leadership programs and is planning a career in livestock.

The Agriculturist Award is given to kids who excel in pig, beef, sheep, dairy cow, market goat and dairy goat projects. Some of the requirements of the award are giving demonstrations, showing in quality and showmanship, and completing a blue ribbon-winning record book.

“It was basically because I’m an overachiever,” Perez said about winning the award.

Perez, 16, of Idaho Falls, raised a dairy goat her first year in 4-H. Next, she showed the same dairy goat and added a swine project.

“I noticed I had all these other options, like a market goat, a lamb and cattle. I thought that market goat was not that much harder than dairy goat so I ended up doing five projects that year,” she said.

Earning the award took six years because of the unknowns involved in raising livestock.

“It was gratifying to get the award after many years of setbacks, and everything that happens when you are raising new animals,” she said.

One factor was learning about feeding an animal. She found each animal can require different feed and schedules.

“It’s a learning curve with each animal. I had to figure it out,” she said.

As president of the New Sweden Livestock Club, she is encouraging others to go for the Agriculturist Award.

“I’m enjoying passing on my knowledge, and I realized that raising livestock is something I love to do, and I want to major in swine genetics. 4-H has been a huge influence on my choice,” she said.

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