Rexburg business prints greeting cards and more

Dan Sandell, Artco general manager, explains how the company has adapted to quickly fulfill website-generated orders. With orders placed via website, the files can be printed on digital presses and be ready for shipment within 24 hours. Artco also has traditional presses that can be used for orders needing more impressions. Monte LaOrange /

Wesley Robinson, an Artco employee for 21 years, cuts a stack of cards at the plant in Rexburg on Tuesday afternoon. The company can handle almost any printing need, from business cards to complete packages for weddings. Monte LaOrange /

Artco has been a fixture in Rexburg since it was founded in the 1940s by Arthur Porter. The company was purchased in 1985 by Minnesota based Taylor Corp. Monte LaOrange /

Monte LaOrange /

For some 50 years, Minnesota-based Pear Tree Greetings has relied on Rexburg’s Artco to handle many of its printing needs.

“They do a fantastic job of fulfilling our orders and making sure our customers get what they want,” Pear Tree spokeswoman Stephanie Bottner said. “We have been working with them pretty much since we opened, 50 years ago. We have built a really good relationship with them and know they’ll do a great job.”

Artco traces its roots back to the early 1940s, when Arthur Porter established Rexcraft and Stylart, wedding invitation companies in Rexburg. Since then, the business has expanded its product line to include graduation announcements, holiday cards and business stationary. It also supplies product for several websites.

Dan Sandell, Artco general manager, moved to Rexburg from California earlier this year.

“Our best selling item is definitely the wedding announcements,” Sandell said. “But that does change during the year. Later in the year, holiday cards kind of take over. We print holiday greeting cards for several websites. People can customize the message and script online and then we print and ship it to them.”

When an online order is received, Sandell said it can be printed, packaged and shipped within 24 hours. Artco receives orders from several websites, Sandall said, including Pear Tree, Ann’s Bridal and Celebrate the Season.

One of the things that sets Artco apart from other printing services, Pear Tree’s Bottner said, is the way it goes out of its way to make sure customers are happy.

“Customers can actually call into Artco and talk with someone who will help them with any problems — or can give them advice on picking out a card color or font style. It means a lot to our customers to be able to have someone they can call and actually physically talk with.”

As well as keeping its web customers happy, Sandell said Artco relishes working with local wedding planners and community members.

“A lot of our work does come from the online orders,” he said. “But we also do handle a fair bit of local business as well. I love working with the local community. It’s great to be able to see the customers reaction to the finished product.”

Artco employs a staff of 155, but Sandell said the business usually looks to add seasonal employees during the Christmas season.

For Sandell, the best part of the business is helping create memories.

“Customers are coming to us and asking us to help them create something that’s announcing a major part of their life, whether that’s a marriage or graduation or whatever. I like being able to play a part in such a major event in someone’s life.”

Nathan Davis can be reached at 524-6762.

Nathan Davis can be reached at 524-6762.