Outdoorsy folks are easy to please

A nearby blackberry bush adds flavor to breakfast during a Pacific Coast bicycle tour from Eugene, Ore., to San Francisco in 2012. It's easy to please most outdoor folks with a few simple items such as canisters for a stove, a critical map or eating utensils. (Jerry Painter photo)

I’m the most difficult person in the family to buy gifts for, says my middle daughter.

Outside things to be thankful about

Sunrises and sunsets are one of those free gifts given to outdoor lovers on an almost daily basis. This sunrise is framed by the Teton Range to the east of the Ashton area. (Jerry Painter photo)

On Saturday, a friend and I were driving back from the Heise area after spending the afternoon rock climbing near Wolf Flats and witnessed one of the world’s great free gifts: an amazing sunset.

Desert fun near Boise

Heather Holloway pauses to consider the trail ahead on the Wilson Creek Trail to Reynolds Creek Trail. The area, south of Kuna, is popular with hikers, climbers, horseback riders, mountain bikers and ATVers. (Jerry Painter photo)

At one point Saturday our group hiked through a rocky, sandy ravine closed in on both sides by rugged rock walls. It was as if we had stepped onto the “Star Wars” planet of Tatooine. Any minute, the dreaded Sand People would jump from behind the rocks and ambush us.

Time to get fat

Two fat bikers ride the lift up at Kelly Canyon Ski Resort during an end of the ski season demo day a couple of years ago. There are several regional areas that offer nice opportunities to fat bike on snow. (Jerry Painter photo)

My friends are telling me it’s time to get fat.

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