Keeping it together in dicey situations

Jerry Painter stands on the summit of Pingora Peak in the Cirque of the Towers in Wyoming's Wind River Range with Wolf's Head peak in the background. The giant, fin-shaped peak is a popular objective among climbers, but has been the scene for several epic outings. (Photo by Sam Painter)

The day after climbing Wolf’s Head in Wyoming’s Cirque of the Towers this summer our group was just sitting around camp fixing dinner. It had been a chill day of goofing off, fishing and hiking.

Still plenty of outdoor fun to be had

A pair of day hikers observe a bull moose blocking the trail around Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park during a fall hike. Fall can offer some of the best hiking of the year. (Jerry Painter photo)

The end of summer was like a hard slap to the face. But don’t let it push you to the couch to hibernate until next April.

Wind River Range calls to backcountry anglers

Tanner Pursley, of Rigby, tries to interest a complacent school of trout in his lure near the outlet of Lonesome Lake high in the Wind River Range during a recent backpacking trip. Jerry Painter photo

After reaching our climbing goal in the Wind River Range of Wyoming a few weeks ago, we got up the next morning and had one plan for the day: Catch some trout for lunch.



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