Local column: Thanks for the memories

This Thanksgiving season, I decided to think ahead on the things I’m most thankful for, writes Terry Miller.

As Thanksgiving approaches, with it comes the age-old tradition of telling others what you are thankful for while sitting around the dinner table knowing the turkey is getting cold and the mashed potatoes are turning into rocks.

I really hate that — mainly because even though I know it’s coming, I can never think of something special that I’m really thankful for — and something no one else has already mentioned.

So this year in addition to being thankful for the usual things (health, happiness, good friends etc), I have decided to let everyone know ahead of time and save myself the embarrassment.

Looking back at 2017, I find it’s the little things that made the difference:

1. I’m thankful for the prompt and courteous service of the city’s Public Works Department. In addition to their weekly chores, they hauled away all my tree branches following the surprise snow storm in October. And the leaves in the gutter will soon be gone too. Thank you folks.

2. I am thankful to the state highway department who spent the summer moving traffic on I-15 back and forth across the medians while they resurfaced the freeway. It sure makes a smoother ride and it was kind of fun driving through the chicane of orange barrels while moving from the northbound to southbound lanes. Thank you folks.

3. I”m thankful that Mother Nature directed a lot of northbound winds in my neighborhood which conveniently blew the leaves off my lawn. I’m also (almost) sorry that they ended up next door! Thank you God.

4. I’m thankful that a lot of the new shows on TV have already been canceled and thankful that PBS continues to provide interesting/informative content.

5. I’m thankful that now that the new city utility rates have gone up –spring is only five months away. And I will be able to afford to give Tye the wonder dog something more than third world dog food for dinner.

6. I will be thankful when the medicare enrollment period ends because I’m tired of all the junk mail I’m getting and all the ads I see on TV.

7. I’m thankful the city actually removed stop lights from some intersections to make my journey faster and easier and I’m glad the Hitt/17th intersection has finally been fixed.

8. I’m thankful that the Salvation Army continues it’s traditional city-wide free Thanksgiving dinner and admire the local residents who give of their time and energy to make it possible. Thank you very much. (they also make it possible to blame a rare “not great” dinner on someone else)

9. And finally I’m thankful that the Post Register has returned the comics/puzzle page to its rightful place (although “Alley Oop” is showing its age) and that they continue to think my occasional post on this page is worth printing. Thank you Katie, Roger, et al.

Terry Miller has lived in a lot of towns over the years and is thankful that he finally found Idaho Falls.