The tortured life of Jonathon Folk

Jonathon Folk represented himself in hearings and during his trial where he was charged with sexual abuse of a child under 16. Folk has been tried three times for the incident which occurred in 2007. He was found guilty for the third time Wednesday night. Monte LaOrange /

In his third trial for the same crime, Jonathon Folk argued he was unfairly convicted. For the third time, the jury didn’t believe him.

Rand Paul hits Riverbend

Presidential candidate Rand Paul speaks to a crowd between 400 and 500 people during the Region 7 GOP Barbecue Thursday at Riverbend Ranch in Idaho Falls. Pat Sutphin /

Presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul spoke at Riverbend Ranch on Thursday. He said the GOP shouldn’t go for a moderate candidate, but should instead appeal to poor and minority voters by backing criminal justice reform.


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