‘Life can be good, it can be livable’

Former Idaho Falls Mayor Jared Fuhriman and his wife Karen discuss the challenges they’ve faced after Jared was diagnosed with a memory disorder in 2011. Fuhriman has been involved in several Alzheimer’s-related medical trials. Jared’s age and strong physical health make him a helpful subject. Monte LaOrange / mlaorange@postregister.com

A few weeks ago, Jared Fuhriman sat in a chair in his living room and read the news. He had just finished breakfast.

Trail users tackle maintenance gap with volunteer labor

Jeff Halligan, left, and Tim Martin use a crosscut saw to clear a log along the Twenty Mile Trail near Upper Payette Lake. Halligan is the executive director of the Idaho Trails Association. Chadd Cripe / Idaho Statesman

McCALL — Jeff Halligan couldn’t help but pause to watch the father-daughter team of Tim and Bella Martin clearing a log from the Twenty Mile Trail near Upper Payette Lake with a crosscut saw.

State lays out plan to halt aquifer’s steady decline

Center pivot sprinklers water a crop north of Idaho Falls last week. Much of eastern Idaho’s water supply — for both irrigation and municipal use — comes from the East Snake Plain Aquifer, which is on the decline. State officials propose creating a groundwater management plan to try and reverse the trend.

State officials are pitching the idea of creating an expansive groundwater management area to halt the East Snake Plain Aquifer’s worrisome decline. It could mean more groundwater users — even in areas not not directly over the aquifer — will have to cut back on their water consumption. Officials are holding a series of public meetings on the topic next week.


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