Finding ‘The Flow’

Photos by Monte LaOrange / Riders in the 85cc open class jockey for position heading into the first turn during Saturday’s action at Idaho Falls Raceway at Noise Park, 8433 W. Arco Hwy. The racing continues Sunday, starting at 9:30 a.m. Monte LaOrange /

NOISE PARK — There’s a moment when everything seems to come together — a state of mind defined in pop-culture vernacular as “In the Groove” or “In the Zone.”

IFPD shows need for new headquarters

Idaho Falls Police Chief Mark McBride explains the need for an updated police station. Many of the rooms and office spaces are used for multiple purposes. The report room is showing years of wear with worn out carpeting and limited space. Monte LaOrange /

In a tour, Police Chief Mark McBride tells of safety hazards, offices and interview rooms with multiple purposes, and an overflowing evidence area.


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