INL researchers build a smarter grid

Idaho National Laboratory engineer Kurt Myers discusses his work with microgrids inside the Real Time Power and Energy Systems Innovation Laboratory on Tuesday. INL uses the microgrid facility for a number of research purposes, from testing out large-scale batteries to researching how to set up microgrids on military bases. Pat Sutphin /

Energy reliability is a growing area of research expertise at Idaho National Laboratory, which since 2013 has been building up a microgrid testing facility at its Energy Systems Laboratory in Idaho Falls.

Horman does her homework

Rep. Wendy Horman, R-Idaho Falls, has made a name for herself as a details-oriented lawmaker. Now she has been given one of the most important tasks of her 14-year career in public office. Otto Kitsinger for the Post Register

Rep. Wendy Horman has built a reputation for attention to detail and lots of preparation. Now she’s charged with engineering one of the most important pieces of education policy in decades.


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