Preparing for the worst, hoping for the best

Jon Drollinger poses for a photo in the back of a mini-ambulance in Idaho Falls on Thursday. The Idaho Falls Fire Department has learned from other nations to prepare for the upcoming eclipse by utilizing a mini-ambulance and golf carts to access patients quickly in the event of congested traffic. John Roark /

As people from around the world flood into Idaho Falls to witness Monday’s total eclipse, city officials are making final emergency preparations.

License lags frustrate drivers, officials

Daschley Southwick waits in line at the Bonneville County Division of Motor Vehicles to receive a new driver’s license, Tuesday. According to the Department of Homeland Security’s website Idaho has an extension for REAL ID enforcement, allowing federal agencies to accept driver’s licenses and identification cards from Idaho at Federal facilities and nuclear power plants through Oct. 10. John Roark /

Local sheriffs say the state’s new driver’s license issuance system isn’t working well. And the people who work inside county departments of motor vehicles say they’re tired of taking the heat for a poorly functioning system they didn’t design and don’t control.



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