Technical programs likely to grow if EITC converted to a community college

Riley Cox, 25, builds a desk magnifier with a computer numerical controlled turning center during David Parsons’ Advanced Machine Shop Lab II on Feb. 8 at Eastern Idaho Technical College. Taylor Carpenter /

Three contraptions sit in the corner of Eastern Idaho Technical College’s machine tool workshop.

INL, Vietnamese researchers finish first-ever nuclear cooperation program

Vietnamese nuclear researchers Dung Manh Ho, Phuong Dong Huynh, and Giang Nguyen discuss what they’ve learned at Idaho National Laboratory during their four-month stay. Taylor Carpenter /

Dung Manh Ho, Phuong Dong Huynh and Giang Nguyen spent the past four months at Idaho National Laboratory, soaking up knowledge about nuclear fuels, safety and control rooms. They plan to use the training to help start a new Vietnamese research reactor — and perhaps Vietnam’s first nuclear power plants years from now.


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