RMP offers free on-site energy assessments

Rocky Mountain Power wattsmart Small Business Direct technicians are conducting on-site energy assessments by going door-to-door or by appointment in the Idaho Falls, Iona and Ammon areas.

The representatives are introducing small business owners to new lighting technologies that can make their operations more energy efficient, a power company news release said.

Qualifying small businesses can get incentives to save as much as 75 percent of the overall project cost, the release said. The local enrollment period continues until Oct. 13.

“… Our energy efficient lighting incentives make it easier to save energy, money and time when upgrading existing lighting systems,” said Clay Monroe, Rocky Mountain Power customer solutions program manager, in the release.

The program covers some of the most common interior and exterior lighting upgrades, including LED lighting technology. Businesses will save money both on the incentives for the upgrade work and on energy use in the future, the release said.

Appointments for on-site energy assessments can be made by calling toll free 844-712-6232.

For information, call 844-712-6232, or visit the company’s web page at rockymountainpower.net/bus/se/idaho/sb.html.