3 vie for Madison assessor’s position

EDITORS NOTE: The Post Register will preview contested races for countywide offices within its coverage area prior to Tuesday’s primary.

Incumbent Brent Saurey faces two challengers in

the primary race for Madison County assessor — Sue Bagley and Shawn Boice.

All three are Republicans from Rexburg. The winner will face independent candidate Sid Summers in the general election.

Saurey has served as county assessor for 16 years and touts his experience.

“The experience I have in this position is important,”

Saurey said. “I think experience is something that people want an elected official to have.”

Boice, who owns a landscaping business, is a political newcomer but said his experience running a business gives him a good knowledge of property values.

“Running a landscape business, I know about figuring out land value and what properties are worth,” he said. “It also has really helped me learn how to work with people.”

Bagley has worked in the county clerk’s office for 10 years, where she is deputy accounts receivable clerk. She said her experience working with the county is a plus.

“I’ve already established

relationships with other county offices,” Bagley said. “I have experience and know how the county likes to do things.”

If re-elected, Saurey said he’ll focus on putting into place state recommendations regarding property assessments.

“I’ve made it a commitment to follow their recommendations,” Saurey said. “To me the recommendations weren’t anything major, just fine-tuning what we’re already doing.”

For Boice, the most important issue is making sure properties are correctly assessed.

“The number one thing I would focus on would be getting everything level and correct in the office. I think there are some properties that have been unfairly assessed and would like to correct that.”

For Bagley, the biggest concern is making sure land appraisals are correctly handled.

“I want to make sure every appraisal is handled fairly for everyone,” she said. “There shouldn’t be any discrepancies in the numbers.”