Henry’s Fork Foundation reopens extension office

Henry’s Fork Foundation is reopening its extension office at Last Chance near the Angler’s Lodge. The office first opened last year during the summer fishing season.

The office, donated by the Angler’s Lodge, will be an extension to the headquarters in Ashton. It will close sometime in September, Brandon Hoffner, foundation executive director, said.

“We have a whole group of folks who very rarely come down the hill,” Hoffner said. “There is great fishing in Ashton as well, but with the popularity of the ranch, it’s just nice to have a presence there.”

Generally, the extension office will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, Hoffner said, although a decision still hasn’t been reached on whether it will be staffed regularly on Wednesdays. Hoffner said the work staff members will be doing is relatively the same, but they will get a chance to get out of the office more and talk with the fishermen.

Staff members, who will rotate shifts between the Ashton and extension offices, are eager to pull a shift at the extension office, Hoffner said.

“It’s nice to get out of the office,” he said. “Depending on your shift, you can probably get some fishing in in the morning or early evening. Or maybe for 20 or 30 minutes on your lunch break.”

To kick off the opening, and celebrate the start of summer, Henry’s Fork Foundation will hold a barbecue at the extension office from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. today. Hot dogs, hamburgers and sides will be provided free of charge.

“We would love to see people come out and visit us at the office,” Hoffner said.

Hoffner said as long as the office is donated each year, the foundation will use it during the summer months.