INL warns against geocaching at desert site

With summer approaching, Idaho National Laboratory reminds eastern Idaho residents that the Department of Energy’s desert site is off-limits to geocaching enthusiasts.

“It’s a matter of protecting Department of Energy assets, the research, ecology and (archaeological sites) at the INL,” spokeswoman Carisa Schultz said. “We encourage people to be aware of private property and avoid entering INL site areas … or you may have an opportunity to meet INL security staff who will escort you from the property.”

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure-hunting activity where enthusiasts use GPS devices to hide or look for hidden containers around the globe.

A significant amount of public land, parks and forest areas are open to geocaching enthusiasts in eastern Idaho.

For information about site policy, contact Carisa Schultz at 526-9120 or cari

Idaho National Laboratory Reporter Nate Sunderland can be reached at 542-6763.