Watersprings School graduates first senior class

Eight Watersprings School seniors graced the commencement stage last month, representing the private institution’s inaugural graduating class of high schoolers.

The school, formerly known as Calvary Chapel Christian School, officially changed its name June 1. The church changed its name last fall.

In 2010, last month’s graduates were the school’s first ninth-graders to be admitted after the school earned its proper accreditation, Principal John Yadon said.

Prior to that, he said, the school had housed only preschool through eighth grade.

Since receiving accreditation, Watersprings has admitted a freshman class each year since. And, every year, enrollment continues to rise: Next year’s incoming ninth-graders will encompass 24 students, guidance counselor Keshia Titland said, with total enrollment next year projected around 357 students.

“Things are definitely growing,” she said. “We’ve increased each and every year.”

Officials attribute the school’s growing popularity to a number of factors, including accessibility, small classroom sizes, Christian-based education and an accredited high school athletic program.

“Obviously we can’t offer everything that a larger public school offers,” Yadon said, “But what we do offer, we try to do really well. I think it’s just a good compromise, when students can get some of the more important things they want here, they’ll give up some of the things we maybe can’t offer.”

Currently, the school’s junior high and high schoolers are housed in the building that was formerly the First Baptist Church on John Adams Parkway, and its elementary and preschool students where its church is located. In the next several years, Yadon said, officials are looking to either build a new facility or move into something larger.

“We’re growing, and that’s a good problem to have,” he said. “Things are going really well.”