Skis and studies


Finn Johnson has gone from his home in Victor, to Salt Lake City, to New Hampshire, where he was recently placed on his university’s dean’s list for the third year in a row.

Johnson, 22, is in his senior year at the University of New Hampshire and studies economics, which he picked as his major “accidentally.”

“I signed up for economics thinking it was finance,” he said. “But it ended up working out pretty well.”

Students named to the dean’s list at New Hampshire have earned between a 3.64 and a 4.0 grade point average for a full course load of at least 12 credits. Johnson’s grade point average in the Fall 2016 semester was 3.91.

Ahmad Etebari , professor of finance at the University of New Hampshire, said Johnson is one of his brightest, most influential students.

“I would call him the most knowledgeable student I have seen the last few years,” Etebari said.

Etebari said Johnson is well-read and has a vast knowledge of finance, economics and politics.

Johnson is currently the chief economist of Atkins Investment Group, a student-managed investment fund at the University of New Hampshire.

Etebari, one of the investment fund’s supervisors, said Johnson’s decision-making skills, leadership and communication are crucial to the fund’s success.

Johnson is also an intern at Paxworld Management, a mutual fund in Portsmouth, N.H.

It was his family’s love of skiing and his father’s connection to the university that helped Johnson land in New Hampshire.

Johnson’s parents, who live in Victor, instilled a passion for skiing in their children when they were young.

“We were skiing before we could walk,” Johnson said.

Johnson transferred to a winter sports school in Park City, Utah, to complete his junior and senior years of high school while ski racing competitively.

When it came time to apply for college, Johnson applied to 10 schools nationwide that have ski teams and got a scholarship to the University of New Hampshire, where his father attended college and was on the ski team.

Johnson is currently taking a break from competitive skiing to focus on work and studies, but still enjoys skiing for fun. He also enjoys playing ultimate Frisbee.

“(Taking a break has been) kind of nice, because you take the competition out of it, and it’s suddenly more relaxed,” Johnson said.

Reporter Lindsey Johnson can be reached at 542-6711