School enrollment steady in I.F.

The official numbers won’t be released until November, but preliminary weekly reports show that enrollment in local schools is steady and growing. That’s important because student enrollment is one of many factors taken into account when the State Department of Education distributes funding to local schools.

“The trend for the last couple of years has been pretty stable enrollment, and the numbers we’re seeing for this year are pretty typical of that,” said Margaret Wimborne, spokeswoman for Idaho Falls School District 91.

In District 91, Wimborne said, enrollment numbers are basically flat from last year, with more than 10,200 students in schools throughout the district.

Wimborne said a positive development is an uptick in the number of students enrolled in kindergarten, seventh grade and ninth grade. Those are important numbers because students entering in those years will often remain with the public school system for a number of years.

“We’re finally starting to see some of those numbers increase,” Wimborne said.

Bonneville Joint School District 93 is seeing moderate growth in its enrollment numbers, spokesman Phil Campbell said.

“We have grown by approximately 375 students from last year,” Campbell wrote in an email. “We changed boundaries to accommodate high growth areas so Ucon and Iona experienced significant increases in enrollment but that was mostly due to boundary changes.”

Notably, both Bonneville High School and Hillcrest High School topped 1,600 in total enrollment, the first year that has happened.

“The high schools are both at historically high numbers…,” Campbell wrote. “Our online schools and Lincoln and (Technical Careers High School) continue to maintain pretty steady enrollment numbers.”

In all, some 12,600 students are currently enrolled in District 93 schools.

Reporter Bryan Clark can be reached at 208-542-6751.