Cut fiber-optic line causes phone, internet issues

Landline and internet service for Jefferson and Clark counties has been interrupted after a fiber-optic line was cut on the west side of Jefferson County.

Clark County Sheriff Bart May said in a news release that his office also has been informed that some of the area’s cellphone towers aren’t functioning properly.

“Due to this 911 calls to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and Clark County Sheriff’s Office may not work,” May said in the release. “We are asking that if you are experiencing an emergency that you still try to call 911.”

However, if that doesn’t work callers should try the Clark County Sheriff’s Office at either 208-374-5403 or 208-709-6703.

“If all phone access is unavailable, please come to the Sheriff’s Office in Dubois or do all you can to notify us,” May said in the release.

It’s expected the outage could last until midnight Friday, the release said.