Prolific local philanthropist William Maeck dies

Bill Maeck checks on his investments Jan. 4. Maeck has donated to a wide range of organizations focusing on education and the arts. “I want to broaden the views of kids,” Maeck said. Maeck died Tuesday at the age of 88. John Roark /

After a lifetime of “giving with a warm hand” philanthropist and retired chemist William Maeck died Tuesday. He was 88.

Adult offender charged with sexual abuse of juvenile inmate

An old entrance, wrapped in decorative lights, is seen at the Juvenile Corrections Center in St. Anthony is seen on Wednesday. A 20-year-old inmate at the facility remains in custody there after being charged for sexually abusing a 15-year-old boy, who also is in state custody. John Roark /

Editor’s note: Jane is not the real name of the woman in this article, but the Post Register is using a pseudonym so as to not identify the juvenile victim in this case.

American Dog Derby to move to Mesa Falls trails

Liz Stewart makes her way down the final stretch of the American Dog Derby’s six-dog race in Ashton in February 2016. The annual event will be held in Mesa Falls this year. The event is scheduled Friday and Saturday. Pat Sutphin / Post Register file

A lack of snow in Ashton means that the 101st annual American Dog Derby will be held in Mesa Falls this year.



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