NRF civilian employees excluded from EEOICPA

Q. I enjoyed your column published Feb. 11 regarding help for energy employees who get sick from job-related causes, but you neglected to mention the problem of civilian employees of the Naval Reactor Facility (NRF). I have been told that we aren’t covered by the Energy Employee Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act. Can you confirm whether or not we are covered, and if we aren’t, why not? It doesn’t make sense.

Lost in transition

The Bonneville Apartments are seen on March 9. When the building first opened as the Bonneville Hotel in 1927 it was described as the “hotel premier of the entire state of Idaho. A place of public entertainment and home, which is the last word and idea in modern hotel construction and management.” John Roark/

George Stewart was diagnosed with brain cancer several years ago, and has had many struggles during this fight.

Turning gross grease into biodiesel

Through the U.S. government’s Small Business Technology Transfer program, CF Technologies of Hyde Park, Mass., has licensed a technology developed at INL known as Supercritical Solid Catalyst. The company is testing the commercial possibilities for a technology that converts rancid grease into ASTM B-100 biodiesel fuel. courtyesy Idaho National Laboratory

If they can help it, nobody wants to think about “brown grease,” the nasty, gunky stuff that builds up in the drain trap under the sink. But while the stuff in your home may continue to be a nuisance, at restaurants, food processing plants and waste treatment facilities, it’s becoming increasingly feasible to turn grease into biodiesel fuels for trucks, buses and generators.



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