Guest column: SNAP changes will hurt Idahoans

This month, Congress is considering dramatic changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) as part of the Farm Bill Reauthorization. These changes will place Idahoans receiving SNAP benefits at risk for food and financial insecurity. According to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, SNAP participation in Idaho has dropped from 10.57 percent of the population in February 2017 to 9.72 percent in February 2018. The improving economy has helped. However, many Idaho counties such as Canyon, Bannock and Shoshone at 16 percent continue to have high rates of SNAP participation.

Editor’s note

Editor’s note: In Congressman Raul Labrador’s op-ed, there are some misleading statements. For one, Stephanie Mickelsen’s op-ed was unsolicited and in no way did the Post Register “intentionally” mislead readers since we would never arbitrarily ask contributors to disclose donations to political candidates. Stephanie Mickelsen’s op-ed was also not an endorsement of Tommy Ahlquist but rather expressed concern about Congressman Labrador‘s behavior based on personal experience. Labrador is a candidate for public office, and Mickelsen’s observations — which were corroborated by other members of the local community— are well within the Post Register’s guidelines and, we would argue, actually what the Commentary page is for.



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