Letter to the editor: Being responsible

Being responsible

Received May 2

In October 1929, the Stock Market took a dive, people panicked, mass hysteria ensued and the banks began to fail. Under President Hoover’s leadership, the government did nothing. As a result, we had the worst depression in our history.

In 2008, we were facing a very similar dilemma. Fortunately, under the wise leadership of the prior administration, which took appropriate action, we were able to avert a major catastrophe.

The tea party was against this. They were also against the auto company bailout. In fact, the tea party politicians have been against almost all government intervention. That includes programs like Social Security and Medicare. It seems their ultimate goal is anarchy.

Think about this when voting in the Republican primary. Bryan Smith is the tea party candidate. If politicians like him were in power in 2008 we would likely be in another Great Depression. It’s one thing to not run ads stating your position on issues or what you might do for Idaho while in office. But to run a campaign on the sole premise that your opponent is too liberal is not only inadequate but also insulting to the intelligence of Idahoans. We deserve better.

Mike Simpson made the tough decisions that kept this country on the right path. I don’t call that being liberal. I call it being responsible.

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Idaho Falls