Letter to the editor: Continued tradition

Continued tradition

Received May 2

My eye caught the teaser on the front section of the May 2 issue. Turning to the West Section, I read the article telling of the great accomplishment of the staff of the West Side Story at Skyline High School earning fifth place in national competition and other awards over the “past 13 years.” Congratulations are certainly in order for Ms. Courtney Morgan and her newspaper staff.

I was the adviser of the West Side Story and also the behemoth yearbook for 33 years at Skyline. Representatives from those staffs also attended the prestigious west coast convention for many years, dating back to at least 1976. Although the publication did not ever rank as high as those of recent years, several students did win first place awards in the individual categories of competition. Others students also won lesser awards.

Again, congratulations to this year’s winners. You are continuing the tradition of Skyline journalists established 38 years ago.

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Idaho Falls