Letter to the editor: GOP no help to vets

GOP no help to vets

Received May 28

Dear Mr. Sallee, you stating that you are a conservative, well most of you conservative think that behind every bush there is a scandal about this administration (letter to the editor, May 28). Let me give you some facts about what the conservatives have done for our veterans.

On Nov. 11, 2009, GOP Sen. Coburn blocked a disables veteran’s bill. On July 29, 2010, the GOP blocked a loan program for vets. On Sept. 6, 2011, Republicans blocked a veterans program.

Other bills blocked by Republicans include: H.R. 466 (Wounded Veteran Job Security Act); H.R. 1168 (retraining vets as firefighters, police, rangers and border guards); H.R. 1171 (Homeless Vets Reintegration Program Reauthorization); H.R. 1172 (requiring list on VA website of organizations providing scholarship for vets); H.R. 1803 (Veterans Business Center Act); H.R. 1293 (Disabled Home Improvement & Structural Alteration Grant Increase Act).

This is all out there in cyberspace if you would take the time and do some research on what party really is trying to help our vets. But, you’re OK with the last conservative administration taking us to war on a lie, which in return created the extra large amount of vets we have today, with no plans to take care of them upon their return, leaving it to this administration to try and clean up the mess, along with all of the other messes the last administration left.

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Idaho Falls