Letter to the editor: False witness

False witness

Received May 30

Growing up in the South, I was taught to apologize for doing something wrong or stupid. I’m beginning to wonder if this is something that isn’t taught west of the Mississippi.

Let me explain my rationale. I was wrongly charged with trespass by a neighbor whom I didn’t know. Evidently someone had been harassing him about his old horse that to this day I haven’t seen. He thought it was me. Two years later, I’m acquitted. The lady who reported his horse to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department has an Idaho accent. I have a southern accent. He signed a citation against me for being on the roadway. Yes, the public roadway. He stated that he thought his property extended to the middle of the road. It’s been nearly a year now. No apology.

A deputy sends me out to help with an injured dog. That deputy charges me with trespass. Charge dismissed. Different case: Deputy cites me without examining evidence. Prosecutor charges me without looking at the evidence or lack thereof. Commissioner threatens me with non-existent law. Prosecutor charges me for publishing public information. Commissioners and sheriff’s department ignore me when I request their assistance. No apology.

Neighbors spread false information about me. No one takes time to look at the documentation of proof I offer. No apology.

Somewhere there is something written about “bearing false witness.” I forget exactly where but I’ll find it. Maybe it’s in that Exodus book. I’ll have to check it out.

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