Letter to the editor: Shameful act

Shameful act

Received May 30

Most everyone has had to console themselves after something was stolen from them; something they had purchased or constructed themselves because they felt they needed it, or it would be useful to them. When it is stolen from them, it leaves a sorrowful feeling with disappointment and wonder at how someone could do that.

I constructed wooden planter boxes and purchased flowers to put at my loved one’s graves. These were things I could collect after and use for many years to beautify my parents’ and siblings’ graves.

At 75 years of age, it was not an easy task for a woman to do.

If you could not afford to buy a geranium for yourself, take the flowers and give me back the container so I can use it next year for my loved ones! You also stole the container my sister had planted a flower in for our sister who has passed away.

Of course, you know that no one will ever know you did it, but someone greater than police officers or me knows you did it and you will have to answer for it sometime.

Shame on you. Please keep your hands off other people’s property.

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