Letter to the editor: Whack a mole

Whack a mole

Received May 30

Once again our politicians in Washington, D.C., Democrats and Republicans alike, are working hard to divert our attention from a real issue, namely the scandal at the Veteran’s Administration, by playing “Whack a Mole.”

The “mole” in this instance is General Eric Shinseki. I have no idea about Shinseki’s qualifications as an administrator. Shinseki is merely being offered as a sacrifice to satisfy the “gods” (insert voters) and divert our attention from the real problem: that our politicians have set up another system so large and with so many rabbit holes, one of which is allowing highly paid bureaucrats to make their own rules to determine eligibility for large bonuses.

It’s little wonder elected officials prefer writing 2,000 page bills, then insisting on passage before reading (insert Affordable Care Act and Nancy Pelosi) and refusing to pass a three page bill making it easy to terminate a government employee for behavior such as falsifying official records to qualify for bonuses (insert Sen. Bernie Sanders) without full reading.

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