House editorial: The double crossover

“Freedom and Unity.” That was the theme of last weekend’s Idaho Republican Party Convention. Attendees took advantage of their “freedom” to disagree. As for “unity,” well, not so much.

One fascinating possibility did, however, emerge from the mess in Moscow: the opportunity for a double crossover vote in November’s General Election.

Allow us to explain:

Republican moderates spent much of former House Speaker Lawerence “Boss” Denney’s tenure being embarrassed (and victimized) by his strong-arm tactics. Many are mortified that Denney could become secretary of state. Some talk about supporting Democratic candidate Holli Woodings. The Moscow fiasco solidified these hard feelings toward the right and its champion, Boss Denney.

On the other hand, talk to those in the know and they’ll tell you threats were made last weekend. Moderates could either support the “compromise” party chairman, failed gubernatorial candidate Russ Fulcher, or watch conservative support for Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter evaporate in the fall.

Bonneville County GOP Chairman Doyle Beck didn’t attempt to hide his defection, telling Post Register reporter Bryan Clark he won’t support Otter; that this sentiment is “widely shared” by the right because “He has not shown us any leadership.”

A double crossover appears to be a distinct possibility. The beneficiaries would be Woodings and Democratic gubernatorial candidate A.J. Balukoff.

Of course, that assumes Idaho’s long-suffering minority party has the acumen to take advantage of the gift about to be handed it. And, as some wise soul once said, Idaho Democrats rarely miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

Corey Taule