Letter to the editor: Not funny

Not funny

Received July 27

According to many, Corey Taule eviscerated Jefferson County Prosecutor Robin Dunn in last Sunday’s editorial entitled, “Dunn should be done.” Others agree but more accurately, Dunn did it to himself.

In the opinion of the Restoring Integrity Project, this latest episode removes cover for even his most ardent supporters. That includes Jefferson County commissioners and Rigby’s City Council.

In a conversation a few years ago, this guy tried to impress me with his ecclesiastical positions. Most of us are familiar with this maneuver - it’s a warning flag.

The arduous task of obtaining public record, verifying rumors of suspicious activity and tracing it back to well established relationships bores the typical Jefferson County resident. Relationships, often biological, run deep; it’s a family affair.

Recall the major topics of discussion at your family reunion. Probably not many informed philosophical discussions. Naw, it’s the juicy stuff that makes the rounds. So, we’ll bite: Is an “automatic folding knife” a switchblade? Can we see it? Would Mr. Dunn consider donating it to Rigby’s museum? Hanging around race tracks and that element a good idea? The rumor has been started at our courthouse that this was all a joke; a knife, threatening to tear a head off, cursing and waving with less than your entire hand doesn’t tickle our funny bone.

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