Letter to the editor: Credibility of the source

Credibility of the source

Received March 13

We are exposed to what may seem a never-ending stream of information daily. The discerning mind attempts to filter the accurate from the inaccurate and the relevant from the irrelevant.

When Warren Moon, Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw discuss NFL quarterback play, I listen. Whenever a Fish and Game Commissioner, or former, speak on wildlife issues, they have my attention. A seasoned legislator speaking on legislation and that process has merit to me.

Broadcasters who have never played the game speak often about NFL play and I only partially hear. If sportsmen use tailgate biology to discuss wildlife issues I find something else to do. When people write editorials and some have alphabet behind their names regarding legislation in our state, I read realizing they frequently do not have full information and their paradigm is many times skewed.

Individuals in the entertainment/media world comment frequently about a wide range of topics. Anything said outside of their field of expertise I entirely ignore. For example, no one I respect would characterize Kanye West as mature.

The key to evaluating information is the credibility of the source. If it is not credible, we may be better served to take a brisk walk.

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Idaho Falls