Letter to the editor: Laughing at nitwittery in print

Laughing at nitwittery in print

Received April 15

If Cheerios ended up on my table Saturday morning, here’s why. I was reading the Post Register over breakfast and laughed out loud at this hilarious sentence: “’Once these things [community colleges] have been created, who knows what kind of weird stuff they’re going to do?’”

I’ll probably chuckle all day over such nitwittery in print.

Here’s something about weird stuff. It means people are thinking. It means people who think become what is known in some circles as “educated.” Personally, I like living around smart and savvy people.

There’s this about community colleges – sometimes, cautious learners want to take a few classes to decide if college is right for them. They typically discover that knowledge is fun and useful, and that instructors are eager to help them, if they need it. I’ve seen this happen in universities (I’ve taught in two); I know it happens at the community college level.

Because tuition is more modest, community college is a great way to avoid or ameliorate a crushing student loan debt. Community colleges are also for older folks who want to stay sharp. My husband and I will happily pay $14 a year to see a whole spectrum of better-educated people here. Everybody.

Yeah, I had my laugh today, but I’m dead serious. If we don’t want the world to eat us for lunch, we need to expand the opportunity to learn. It can begin here with a community college. Vote yes on May 16.

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Idaho Falls