Letter to the editor: Preserve republic, not destroy it

Preserve republic, not destroy it

Received April 15

I fear that our democratic principles are in danger.

That our legislators supported the Ryan health care plan to replace the Affordable Care Act was unconscionable. The ACA is not perfect and has flaws, but our legislators supported denying coverage to thousands if not millions of people including many of their Idaho constituents in favor of the wealthy and corporate interests. The Ryan plan does not protect anyone except the insurance companies and businesses.

Simpson, Risch, Crapo and Labrador should remember that their jobs are to support laws that are constitutional and benefit their constituents, not their party or the president. How can so many not see or acknowledge the harm Trump’s and his administration’s shortsighted policies are doing to our country, our citizens and our environment?

Programs may need to be revised to reduce redundancies or make them more effective , but to destroy them outright for the benefit of corporations is un-American, anti-citizenry, anti-environmental and irresponsible.

I implore everyone to encourage your legislators to educate themselves on the issues, to review policies and programs, to work together with other legislators to improve government, to preserve our republic and our Constitution – not destroy it.

They must keep in mind that rights are for everyone regardless of religion, gender, origin, color or any other metric. I am ashamed of the sexism, racism and xenophobia currently displayed by the administration, other citizens and legislators.

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Idaho Falls