Letter to the editor: Questions remain

Questions remain

Received April 14

Last night I attended the Bonneville County Republican Central Committee meeting during which there was a two-hour discussion regarding the proposed community college issue. The time allowed for questions was limited to ten minutes so many did not have an opportunity to address critical points.

So here are the questions that I would have asked given time: As I listened to the speaker in favor of the community college state four times, “I believe,” I wondered why people should agree to another tax based upon this person’s belief? Facts please.

Second, have we ever known a tax to decrease over time?

Third, I personally know that there are current college professors who are reluctant to speak out against the proposal for fear of retaliation. Why?

Fourth, it was stated that EITC can’t fill up their current course offerings, so why should taxpayers expect that changing EITC to a community college would result in students flocking to their classes?

Fifth, it was stated that private donations paid for the studies in support of the “community college. Who were these private donors and how do they stand to gain?

Sixth question: Current EITC employees are expecting a “bump” in pay… Why? Does their job change? There are more issues that need to be addressed so I urge taxpayers to become informed. Go to www.whyacommunitycollege.com.

Congratulations to the BCRCC for passing a resolution against changing EITC to a community college. Last night common sense prevailed in favor of taxpayers.

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