Letter to the editor: Void for local students?

Void for local students?

Received April 19

The words mother, apple pie and education evoke feelings such as security, warmth and goodness, among others. Those supporting this college are invoking the emotional appeal of the word “education” to support their position. Is it reasonable to dismiss the merits of education? Of course not.

However, the devil is always in the details. EITC currently enrolls over 700 students and upon graduation over 90 percent of these students are employed in their field of study.

High school students have a process available to earn dual credits toward an associates’s degree.

ISU is expanding their offerings of under graduate and graduate programs at the Tinged Building in Idaho Falls. BYU-Idaho is a mere twenty-five miles away. Many educational opportunities are available online without bricks and mortar attendance.

With $1.25 and an associate degree one can get a cold drink. I see no credible documentation that there is a void in the opportunity for local students to obtain an associates degree.

Given these facts I strongly oppose a community college in Idaho Falls and will vote accordingly.

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Idaho Falls