Letter to the editor: Appalled at the disrespect

Appalled at the disrespect

Received May 18

When I relocated to Idaho Falls 24 years ago, one of the things that impressed me most was the feeling of safety in this community. I felt very safe walking the greenbelt by myself and really going pretty much anywhere alone. That sense of security was due to the efforts of the Idaho Falls Police Department. I was fortunate enough to work as an administrative assistant in the police department for 17 years and learned to appreciate and value our officers. During meetings I attended, it was obvious that the mayor and council shared my appreciation.

I am appalled at the level of disrespect and dishonor that the current mayor and council are showing our officers. The mayor and council’s collective attitude is wrong on so many levels. Disrespect is not acceptable to anyone and it is magnified ten-fold when directed at the very men and women who put their lives on the line daily to protect all of us.

Mayor and council, I sincerely hope that you do some serious reflecting and find a way to respect and value our officers as they serve you.

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Idaho Falls