Letter to the editor: Completely legal

Completely legal

Received Sept. 7

I’m responding to letter by Gary Jennings letter of September 5. Thank you for passing road bicycles safely!

I’d like to clarify for you some Idaho laws involving bicycles.

In Idaho, it is LEGAL for a bicycle to do a California-stop at a stop sign or red light. One foot on the ground is NOT necessary like motorcycles.

Why would anyone walk their bike through an intersection, as you say? I can only guess the cyclist you observed was on the sidewalk to press the push button, and you thought they should they should act as a pedestrian. It is legal in Idaho Falls for cyclists to ride on the sidewalk. The city council changed this rule for Idaho Falls because so many of our streets are dangerous for bikes.

Road cyclists ride two abreast to “take the lane,” and this is also completely legal. Motorcycles often do the same. This is a means of making the cyclists more visible to vehicles, and it forces passing cars to change lanes to pass, and maintain at least 3 feet of passing distance. Otherwise, cars tend to try to pass without changing lanes.

For cyclists, wear your Go-Pro camera, get a license number, call the police and they will go talk with the driver and explain the laws. If the cycling community doesn’t take the time to educate motorists in a responsible adult manner, cycling is not going to get safer.

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Idaho Falls