Letter to the editor: DACA was supposed to be temporary

DACA was supposed to be temporary

Received Sept. 7

According to the Constitution, Congress makes the laws and the executive branch (the President and Attorney General) enforce the laws.

While in office President Obama said many times giving amnesty (DACA) for the children of illegal immigrants was unconstitutional and executive overreach. He encouraged Congress many times to write a law to resolve this problem.

Finally President Obama lost patience with Congress for not acting to change the law. Frustrated, he signed an executive order creating DACA.

President Trump after giving the matter considerable thought, told the Attorney General, Mr. Sessions, to enforce the law thereby ending DACA.

Then President Trump being like most Americans and wanting to help these children of illegal immigrants, added a 6 month grace period before officially ending DACA. This gives Congress time to do what they should have done in the first place: change the law and protect these “dreamers.”

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Idaho Falls