Letter to the editor: Media instrumental in electing Trump

Media instrumental in electing Trump

Received Sept. 11

It is very humorous that the so-called “mainstream” liberal press still hasn’t figured that they were instrumental in electing President Trump.

Candidate Mr. Trump played the liberal media very well. Even though all the press coverage was vicious and negative, one could never buy all the constant coverage the liberal media he received before the election.

Liberal news organizations such as the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS have allowed their hatred of Mr. Trump to destroy their journalistic credibility.

The last seven months have been nothing but MSM hateful, negative reporting about President Trump. Traditional, mainstream Americans are sick of their nonsense and are turning a deaf ear to them.

Electing Mr. Trump President proved that traditional, mainstream Americans can and will continue to think for themselves.

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Idaho Falls