Letter to the editor: How hungry are you?

How hungry are you?

Received Sept. 27

Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t. Although cliché, it remains true that knowledge is power. The more knowledge you acquire the better your ability to perform as an educated, persuasive and influential part of society. Most people don’t find it particularly important to search for knowledge, while I firmly believe you can achieve or attain anything you want through practiced eloquence.

Psychology teaches about the concept of motivational hunger which simply says that the hungrier a person is, the more they want what they’re after. How hungry are you? Will you be satisfied with being average or will you work to be extraordinary? Because you can be extraordinary.

Those who are in favor of an all-around average lifestyle might reason that is it perfectly possible to be successful without a “hunger” for what some might call overachieving. If we can be happy and efficient as average members of society, wouldn’t it make sense to put our energy toward being the best and being average.

Evaluate where you are. Analyze your position in life and decide whether you are content. What will you do to be better, to become more, fulfil your potential? I want readers to understand that everything around them was created by someone no smarter than them. You are capable. To want to be successful is simply not enough, that’s just desire. So want it, prove that you want it. And refuse to fail.

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Idaho Falls