Letter to the editor: I.F.’s ‘curb appeal’

I.F.’s ‘curb appeal’

Received Nov. 13

To really promote Idaho Falls, or any community, it must have, like a house you want to sell, “curb appeal.” I enjoy the flowers all over downtown in the spring and summer and the festive holiday lights in the winter, plus the greenbelt and the many “art you can sit on” benches, just to name a few.

It’s these things, both big and small, that give a community/town its character or “curb appeal.” With our proximity to Yellowstone and the Tetons, it is this “curb appeal” that will keep visitors coming back and for us locals to have a “nice warm feeling” about our community.

In talking with Mayor Casper, I know she gets this.

Now to be honest, I live in Bonneville County just outside the Idaho Falls city limits and thus cannot vote in city elections. But as a member of the larger community who takes advantage of much that Idaho Falls offers, I feel I have a vested interest in the city.

So I give my moral support to Mayor Casper and hope she earns a second term.

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