Letter to the editor: Let some ‘Sunshine’ in

Let some ‘Sunshine’ in

Received Nov. 15

Do I understand the situation correctly? Do I understand that some of the donors who contributed to the recent “vote yes” campaign on the District 91 school bond would personally profit had the bond passed?

Am I wrong when I say that the architect and construction management company were awarded the work even before submitting a bid and also contributed to the “vote yes” campaign? And how much did they contribute? Will we ever be privy to this information? Do I understand that the construction manager would make around 5 percent of the total… $110 million? That’s a nice incentive to contribute heavily to the “vote yes” effort.

Doesn’t some type of ethical or legal issue arise when contracts are pre-awarded before a bond even passes? District 93 was smart enough to avoid that pitfall.

Voters/taxpayers should know who funded the “vote yes” campaign…or any campaign for that matter. Why would this information be kept from them? Could it be that those who stand to profit handsomely are also those that funded the campaign? Something smells here. We need to open some “windows” to clear the air and let some “sunshine” in. And voters need to ask questions.

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