Letter to the editor:

I.F.’s three stooges

Received Nov. 21

I thought the “Three Stooges” had all passed away. Apparently they are living and residing in Idaho Falls. First of all, they start slinging “mud” at Rebecca Casper a week before the last election and now they’re up to it again. Come on citizens of Idaho Falls, can’t you see what people like this are trying to do? They want a puppet in the mayor’s office that they can control.

I have never met Rebecca Casper but she strikes me as an honorable lady who cares about our city. The Stooges and their followers claim that she spends “too much time out of town.” I’m sure they embellished on the number of days that she’s been out of town, which also included on Idaho Falls business. I’m willing to bet that all three of these fellows voted for Dirk Kempthorne when he was Idaho’s governor. Check into it citizens and see how many days Kempthorne was out of state, which was more than any governor in Idaho’s history.

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Idaho Falls