Letter to the editor: Before you get upset about 2017 taxes…

Before you get upset about 2017 taxes…

Received Nov. 22

Recently the Bonneville County Treasurer sent out tax statements to homeowners with a mortgage. In the past the statement which contains the itemized tax rates for each taxing district has gone only to the mortgage company. I appreciate having an itemized list of the rates by district so I can see where the tax money is going.

Since these statements went out, I have seen comments on Facebook about how much taxes have gone up. I am wondering if the people with the complaints don’t realize that the statement is for the whole year, which is normally split into two payments by the mortgage company.

This new statement is an annual statement and may say $3,000 when you’ve been seeing the semi-annual amount of $1,500 on your escrow statement, so at first glance you may think the taxes doubled.

I went to the tax office to get an itemized statement for 2016 so I could track my increase which was slightly over $100 for the entire year. What I found was that the tax rates went down, but since the assessed value of the house went up, the taxes went up.

The tax rate for the Idaho Falls went down slightly, while District 91 went up slightly and the county rate stayed the same.

I write this because with all the talk about tax rates for the city, I just wanted to make sure people understood that 2017 tax rates were almost the same as 2016.

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Idaho Falls