Letter to the editor: Happy taxpayers

Happy taxpayers

Received Nov. 28

Yesterday we went in person to pay our property taxes. This is always a happy annual occasion for us.

We are glad to pay our share of taxes to receive the many benefits of the city’s facilities and services. The many departments keep Idaho Falls running smoothly and also keep us happy and safe.

The fire, police, public works, Idaho Falls Power and all the other departments do a great job. Parks and Rec keeps the parks, river walk and flowers beautiful and a true treasure of living here. Also, paying taxes to share in the expenses of much-needed education for our childrern is very important to us.

Past mayors and Mayor Casper and their Councils are the ones to thank for keeping our taxes low and putting the money to good use. Many people complain about the cost of taxes. We believe taxes paid to live in Idaho Falls are a real bargain.

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Idaho Falls