Letter to the editor: Poisoning our own well

Poisoning our own well

Received Nov. 21

We live here. As father and son we have spent 45 years striving and thriving in Idaho Falls. This is our home.

We’ve seen the city grow and flourish under mayors Campbell, Milam, Fuhriman and Casper.

And then in October, we saw a few of our citizens give $15,000 to poison the city.

Negative ads are used because they work, but are they worth it?

Are they worth the pessimism, the rancor and distrust, the vitriol they spread through our community?

It’s like watching someone who can’t pick a sports team to cheer for, so they just cheer against a team instead. They spend their time and energy fueling anger.

If you are really about bringing businesses into Idaho Falls, then tell us how! Tell us who you are voting for and why.

If you don’t like what’s been done in the last four years, tell us how you’d fix it. Don’t just say “Anyone But Casper” or write misleading negative ads.

Don’t cop out like that.

What are we are voting for?

We are voting for the support of the College of Eastern Idaho and the INL.

We are voting for the revitalization of Downtown.

We are voting for collaboration with the city of Ammon.

We are voting for a positive campaign, and a positive Mayor.

What are you voting for? Let’s see that on your next billboard.

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Idaho Falls