Letter to the editor: Letter to Congressional Delegation

Letter to Congressional Delegation

Received Nov. 30

Open letter to Senators Crapo and Risch, and Congressman Simpson:


You seem to have no idea how helpless America feels at this moment as you proceed to steamroll a tax bill through the Congress that is unsupported, undebated and declared to be nonsense by a chorus of well qualified voices, including former Treasury officials, while at the same time standing by, passively, in complete neglect of the role the Constitution gives the Congress to govern this nation responsibly, while the arrogant, irresponsible, reckless man who is our president continues to embarrass and offend us, as he puts our system of government and the nation’s safety at risk, all the while flirting with extremes that are biased and bigoted and have no legitimate place in the nation’s leadership.

Will you please stand up for us, act like statesmen, use your office and do something to get us out of this dangerous, partisan whirlpool before it consumes us all?

Thank you for your service,

(Word count: 165)


Idaho Falls