Letter to the editor: Confused on tax issue

Confused on tax issue

Received Dec. 1

Well, here is the question: After seeing and reading about the mayoral election, I am quite confused by Barbara Ehardt’s statements on the city’s high taxes and then she turns right around and says that we need a new police station. Where does she think that 8 to 10 million dollars are coming from?

The city and county police departments have been getting along quite nicely for many years and it has been proven by hundreds of other cities and towns that working together in close proximity makes for better cooperation and faster communication in all aspects of enforcement. If the police department wants an expensive new station with a lounge, fitness center, juice bar with TV sets, etc. it should be noted that they need to be on the streets instead!

Do you suppose that if Ehardt becomes the mayor (as being an employee of Apple Athletics) she could get them all free entry to the Apple Club? I don’t think Steve Vuckovich would go for that! Let’s keep the status quo — it’s working. And we will miss you Ed Marohn, our voice of reason and sensibility.

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Idaho Falls