Letter to the editor: Take your choice

Take your choice

Received Dec. 1

Eugene Risbon’s letter caught my interest where he made a good point, but there are two sides to every political issue (“Mr. ‘I Don’t Recall,’” Nov. 29).

Mr. Risbon of Salmon appropriately criticized U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions for not being able to answer very many questions at a recent congressional inquiry. Sessions claims that he could not remember much about his conversations relative to the inquiry of the Trump Campaign over alleged collusion with the Russians.

Initially, I was excited over the confirmation of Sessions as the national AG. However, he has proven to be a disappointment to me and to millions of other Americans as the nation’s top legal officer.

On the other side of the political spectrum, there were liberal Democrats under congressional investigation who invoked the Fifth Amendment where they were not compelled to testify by remaining silent. As an example, the IRS scandal under the Obama Administration comes to mind where witnesses simply clammed up rather than openly and honestly answering questions.

So, which is the lesser of the two evils?

Is it a conservative Republican who has a convenient loss of memory, or is it a liberal Democrat who hides behind the Fifth Amendment?

Take your choice.

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